SEPTEMBER 23rd 2017

SEPTEMBER 23rd 2017 Today is 23rd September 2017 and a Sabbath, it is also the day of the Jewish feast of Trumpets! Today is a fall equinox! Where are the astrologers and prophets? What is the translation of this cosmic activity said to have happened two thousand years ago and is supposed to… via SEPTEMBER 23rd […]

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Lines In Old Anthem

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Lines In Old Anthem There are some lines in the old national anthem which every Nigerian should commit to memory and seal continuously whenever in prayer. “Nigeria we hail thee Our own Dear Native Land Though Tribe and Tongue May Differ IN BROTHERHOOD WE STAND!”… Read in between the lines…

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NOT GUILTY!!! — Jerri Perri

NOT GUILTY!!! …that right or wrong is situational Because one Man’s food is poison to another… Doing good can be bad… And Doing bad can be good… Who then is guilty of what? Live and let live Serve every moment of your days with diligence But Do not forget the pleasures of believing… via NOT GUILTY!!! […]

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